Off Hand

Bouquet of Dried Flowers
Furbolg Medicine Pouch
Journeyman Stave
Beaded Orb
Ivy Orb
Thermotastic Egg Timer
Simple Branch
Mystical Orb
Tuurik Torch
Spring Gadget
Spellbinder Orb
Flesh and Bone
Mistyreed Torch
Runic Cane
Runic Stave
Nolkai's Lantern
Willow Branch
Fire Runed Grimoire
Mystic Tome
Aboriginal Rod
Pulsating Hyrdra Heart
Vial of Chloroform
Seer's Fine Stein
Antipodean Rod
Mystic's Sphere
Buccaneer's Orb
Shimmering Stave
Windchaser Orb
Tome of the Dawn
Consecrated Scepter
Pagan Rod
Orb of Power
Blossom of the Earthen Ring
Greenweave Branch
Sanguine Star
Orb of Mistmantle
Watcher's Star
Silver-Thread Rod
Twilight Orb
Raincaller Scepter
Sage's Stave
Basilisk Bone
Satyr's Rod
Durable Rod
Elder's Amber Stave
Tome of Kings
Rod of Molten Fire
Thistlefur Branch