Demon Invasion Event Transmog

Legion is coming soon, and the pre-launch Demon Invasions have some exclusive transmog items to get! These weapons and armor come from chests that are rewarded for completing scenarios tied to the event. The chests are the only way to get the weapons and individual armor pieces. However, you can purchase the armor appearances with Nethershards, which unlocks the full set's appearance for transmog. For more info, check out Wowhead's full Prelaunch event guide.

These items will only be available until the Legion launch on August 30th, don't miss out!

Transmog Sets

Fel-Infused Cloth

Felshroud Leather

Fel-Chain Mail

Felforged Plate


Eredar Splitter
One-Handed Axe (Agility)

Wyrmtongue Spiteblade
Dagger (Agility)

Corrupted Argus Gavel
One-Handed Mace (Intellect)

Fel Lord's Warmace
Two-Handed Mace (Strength)

Fel Hacker
One-Handed Axe (Strength)

Wrathguard Shortblade
One-Handed Sword (Agility)

Inquisitors Wand

Eredar Battle Blade
One-Handed Sword (Intellect)

Staff of the Inquisiton

Fel Barbed Spear
Polearm (Agility)

Hellfury Longbow

Glaive of the Fallen